Blackjack Strategy Chart

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. By playing smart you can reduce the casinos edge to a mere 0.4%. The key to being a profitable Blackjack player is to stick to a strategy and do not deviate from it. We have a chart below which shows what you should do given any hand dealt to you.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

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Do not deviate from this chart. If the chart says split, split. If it says hit then hit etc etc. This chart was derived from mathematical probabilities over thousands of dealt hands. Math doesn’t lie so pay special attention to what you are to do to have the right Blackjack strategy.

One of the most important keys to Blackjack is that you have to make your money on Splits and Double Downs. By having the opportunity to double your bet this is where the casinos edge gets reduced.

Blackjack Myths

Splitting 10’s (a 10 is considered a 10 or any face card)

  • Never split 10’s. You have 20 and chances are you have a winning hand. Don’t risk the loss – take the win!

Buying Insurance

  • The only time you should buy Insurance is when you also have Blackjack and the Dealer shows an Ace. By buying Insurance you are guaranteed at least even money. Some argue that you should buy Insurance when you have 20 as well. Stay away from the strategy. The odd’s are about even so don’t take the chance, in the long run it will not be profitable.

I’m Hot

  • No matter how hot you think you feel do not deviate away the above strategy chart. Do not Split or Double unless the chart says so. Again Math doesn’t lie.

Playing Blackjack

Whether you are playing Blackjack at online casinos or land based casinos the above blackjack strategy chart should improve your winnings. If you live in the United States check out our listing of USA friendly online casinos to start playing blackjack online today. Be sure to take advantage of the biggest blackjack bonuses offered by these casinos.