Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoins

With more and more casino game players looking for reliable, and more importantly completely safe and secure ways to deposit funds into their online casino accounts, we have seen many casinos starting to accept the new digital currency that is Bitcoin.

Understanding how this virtual currency works can be a little confusing at first, and as such we present to you this Bitcoin casino guide that is going to showcase to you several Bitcoin accepting casinos whilst also showing you how you can utilize this anonymous casino banking option.

Best Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

BetCoin Casino Review – You are going to get access to not one but three sign up bonuses when you become a new player of the BetCoin Casino site. A 100%, 50% and 25% deposit match bonus are on offer and those bonuses are credited instantly.

mBit Casino Review – You are going to be able to double your initial deposit when you become a new player at the mBit Casino site. You can deposit as much as one whole Bitcoin and get it matched with free casino credits.

Bitbet Casino Review – Bitbet Casino are offering one of the biggest sign up bonuses to Bitcoin users, and this will see you being able to take advantage of a huge 200% match bonus as soon as you register as a new player and make your first Bitcoin deposit!


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been developed to enable anyone with access to a computer or mobile device to quickly and seamlessly move cash around the web in both a safe and anonymous way. You need to open up a Bitcoin Wallet which is a way of storing your Bitcoins on your computer or mobile and your Bitcoins then reside securely on your device.

Unlike a standard web wallet, whereby you top it up using a debit or credit card or a bank wire, you purchase Bitcoins from a Bitcoin Exchange. As soon as you purchase Bitcoins they are then sent directly to your Bitcoin Wallet and you can then use them to start funding your casino accounts at any site that accepts them.

The entire process from buying Bitcoins, having them sent to your Bitcoin Wallet and then spending them online is completely anonymous, which means that if you are a player living in countries where you are not usually permitted to play online casino games for real money then you are now able to gamble online using Bitcoin as your banking option at any of the online casinos we have listed and reviewed above.

How to Start Using Bitcoin

The main attraction of using Bitcoins for many people is that it is free from any one country’s control, it is a digital currency that is not backed by any one government and is not linked as a Gold backed currency, and as such anyone is allowed to start trading and using Bitcoins.

Being a completely virtual currency you will not have to hold physical stocks of Bitcoins as you would with hard currency, they simply reside in your Bitcoin Wallet. Every single Bitcoin in existence is logged and recorded and as such it is impossible for users to suffer from fraud or buy Bitcoins that do not exist as they all are part of something known as a “Block Chain” which is an audit trail detailing the movement of every single Bitcoin that has been bought, sold or exchanged.

As soon as you have downloaded a Bitcoin Wallet onto your mobile device or computer then you can start to buy them and use them at any online casino, and to send them to any casino site you simply log into the casino, access the banking interface, select the Bitcoin option and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Be aware though that there are two different ways, one of which each online casino that accepts Bitcoin will offer you in regards to using your Bitcoins as casino credits. Some casinos will let you playing in the Bitcoin currency and as such you will fund your account and then be able to play their range of games by using fractions of Bitcoins as the stake amount you play each game for.

However, more and more casinos now choose to exchange your Bitcoins into casino credits, so for example if you deposit one Bitcoin into those sites you will then be credited with 100 or 1000 casino credits which you then use those credits to stake each game.

Once you wish to make a withdrawal your casino credits are then converted back into Bitcoin at the casino credit versus Bitcoin exchange rate the casino gave you when funding your account, and those Bitcoins then get sent back to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Benefits of Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos

If you have been experiencing problems finding a casino banking option that is both reliable and will allow you to deposit funds into an online casino based on where it is you live in the world, or you want to play completely anonymously then you should seriously consider using Bitcoin.

Below we have listed the many different benefits of using Bitcoins to both make deposits into your casino accounts and also as a way to get paid any and all winnings you choose to cash out from your chosen online casino site that accepts Bitcoin.

Instant Transfers – Your deposit and withdrawals are going to be processed more or less instantly when making a deposit or withdrawing winnings from a Bitcoin accepting online casino site. This will ensure you are never going to have to wait days, weeks or months to get paid your winnings as is often the case at some online casinos.

Bitcoin Bonuses – Much like when you play at any online casino site, if you choose to play at one that accepts Bitcoin you will be awarded with bonuses and casino comps both as a new player and as an existing player at those sites.

Account Verification Not Required – As you are able to utilize Bitcoins anonymously you are not going to have to send in all manner of different identification documents that most casino sites require you to do to get your account verified. This can often slow down and drag out your first withdrawals at those other sites. You simply sign up deposit then play and withdraw any winnings at a Bitcoin accepting casino and will never have to send them any identification to get paid your winnings.

No Player Restrictions – It does not matter where you live in the world you are going to be able to open up and start to use a casino account at any Bitcoin accepting casino site. So for example if you are a US based player you will have no problems what so ever being able to play casino games online when using Bitcoin as your account funding option.

As withdrawing funds from a Bitcoin casino site is more or less an instant procedure, we would suggest you keep your account balances at those casinos to a minimum by always cashing out once you have ended any one playing session. This will ensure your Bitcoins are always sent back to you once cashed out, and you will always have access to them via your Bitcoin Wallet.